Manor Lodge Open Day 2020

Visit Manor Lodge

We are really excited to be able to open our doors to prospective parents giving you the opportunity to view our wonderful school.

We pride ourselves on our excellent academic record and what we are able to offer pupils with our unique learning environments.

Spaces are limited due to current restrictions so please act fast to secure your slot and avoid disappointment.

Open Day Options

Simply complete the form with your preferred date and time to secure your place.

We will endeavour to accommodate everyone. Please bear in mind that we must adhere to present restrictions.

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What will parents see and do at the Open Day?

See where your child will thrive

…including our fantastic outdoor learning environments

Manor lodge is a perfect setting to create lifelong memories of a secure childhood surrounded by space and freedom. We are well known for our outstanding academic success and have a strong reputation for music, drama and sport.

This is a school where your child will thrive and where learning is not restricted to four walls but where children are allowed to explore inside and outside of the classroom in our fantastic outdoor learning environments.


We will of course adhere to all social distancing & government guidelines. That is why we are only able to offer this great opportunity to a limited number of people. So please register your interest today to secure your space.

If you would like to attend, please complete the form to request your preferred date & time slot.

Maximum 5 Parents per slot

Max 5

Face Masks Must Be Worn at all times

Face Mask Worn

Meet with the Head Teacher

Alyson Lobo BEd(Hons)

My passion ‘that every child deserves a childhood’ underpins everything I believe in.  Children have a right to happiness and that can only happen if we embrace childhood and allow our children freedom to discover who they are rather than launching them on a predestined route to adulthood. 

I believe that the academic and pastoral curriculum work in harmony with each other. The academic curriculum is designed to inspire children, guide their inquisitive minds and equip them for the rigours needed for academic success. 

Then there is the pastoral curriculum whose very essence is at the very heart of what makes children who they are. The curriculum promotes creativity, a curiosity and wonder. It values independent thinking, where communication and collaboration underpin interactions and where resilience and well-being are encouraged and fostered.

See How We Are Transforming At Manor Lodge

At Manor Lodge we are creating a new ‘heart’ of the School to foster an inspirational and stimulating learning environment.

We are modernising our teaching ideology to champion STEAM, Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Maths. We aim to equip children for the demands of the changing world. Both boys and girls thrive on the challenges that these subjects promote.

You’ll be able to see first hand how far along we are and ask questions about what our new facilities will brig to your child’s learning and life at Manor Lodge.

Where Learning Is The Greatest Adventure.

Manor Lodge School
School Visits

We are delighted to be able to offer individual tours of Manor Lodge with our Head, Mrs Lobo.  This is a great opportunity to give prospective parents a chance to see our wonderful school.

To book an appointment, please contact Mrs Graves via email at or call on 01707 642424 to arrange a tour.