School Houses

These are our House and Sports Captains:-

From the very beginning of their school career each child belongs to one of four Houses: Phoenix (Red), Griffins (Green), Centaurs (Yellow) or Unicorns (Blue).  The PE kit acknowledges these different houses, so making it easier to identify a child’s house.

At our school we believe the House system to be an integral part of the pastoral care for our pupils. It enables children of all ages to mix freely and lets them thrive as individuals within a supportive framework. Being a member of a House gives each child a special sense of belonging, develops an understanding of teamwork and introduces them to healthy, friendly competition. House Tutors oversee their houses and encourage children to work hard for their house, take on responsibility and achieve different goals. Siblings within the school are together in the same ‘House’.

Every alternate week there is a House Assembly and the children gather together with their House Tutor (a member of teaching staff).

The House Points are awarded by teaching staff and other adults around school for demonstrating the school’s six key themes; Kindness, Endeavour, Curiosity, Responsibility, Initiative & Originality. For each house point given, the children receive a token which is collected in classrooms. House/Sports Captains collect these fortnightly. Each half term the winning house is announced by raising their house flag. The winning house is then allowed to wear their own clothes for the day.  At the end of each term, the house with the most points is announced in assembly and presented with a cup which stays in school.

The House system also acts as a competitive element for inter-house sports activities at selected times of the year.  At the end of the school year the ‘House’ with the winning number of house points is awarded ‘The Governors’ Cup’.  This award takes place on the final day assembly – it is a most exciting moment for every child!

During September, the House and Sports captains from each house research a charity from the local community.  The winning charity for their house and fundraising activities are planned and organised by the children throughout the year to support the chosen charity.

This year’s House charity are:

Pheonix         National Animal Welfare Trust
Centaurs       Watford Workshop
Griffins           Tiggywinkles
Unicorns       Christina Noble Children’s Foundation