School Food

Catering for your Child

We believe that a healthy mind and body are vital to success at school and that a thorough understanding and commitment to a healthier lifestyle will be of lifelong benefit to your child.

Alongside our new catering partner, Thomas Franks Ltd, we are undertaking a significant investment in our catering offer and the development of an excellent programme to encourage a positive attitude throughout the school to the value of a consistently balanced diet.

Menus are published weekly in our news pages.

We cater for many different dietary requirements but do offer a packed lunch option if you wish your child to bring their own lunch box.

Year 1 Castle Biscuit Making

Thomas Franks enjoyed spending time with Year 1 making castle shaped biscuits.  Lots of spices were used and the children enjoyed savouring the different aromas and flavours.

Year 1 Spices (4)

Year 1 Spices (2)

Year 1 Spices (5)