Primary School in Shenley

Pastoral Care

At Manor Lodge we take the pastoral well-being and safeguarding of all the members of our community, particularly the children, very seriously. It is our firm belief that pastoral care and academic progress go hand-in-hand.

Allowing children to have a childhood is at the core of our pastoral support. We understand the importance of achieving academic potential but to do this a school must offer an enriched curriculum and opportunities outside of the classroom to compliment the hard work. Aspects of the Manor Lodge community such as; our passion for outdoor learning (and outstanding outdoor facilities), our varied sports programme, our house families, our school council, our community projects, worry boxes, pastoral ‘drop-in’ chats and so on all contribute to creating a special culture where well-being is genuinely valued alongside academic progress.  We also monitor and track the children’s attitudes to their peers, teachers, school-life and learning in order to ensure we have a very good understanding of how the children are feeling.

The form teacher is central to the pastoral support at Manor Lodge and is first point of contact for pastoral support for all children. Children from Reception to Year 4 are taught predominantly by class teachers (but do receive specialist lessons for a number of subjects such as languages, computing, music and PE). Children in Years 5 and 6 receive specialist teaching for the majority of their lessons but still have a number of lessons with their form tutor (such as PSHEE and RE). All children have time with their form teachers every morning and afternoon.

Beyond the day-to-day care from the form teachers, children also have the wider network of support Manor Lodge offers. Heads of Year, Heads of House (and House Families), the Head of Key Stages and the Deputy Head Pastoral are all available to the children to ensure they feel safe, happy and listened to.

Manor Lodge School
School Visits

We are delighted to be able to offer individual tours of Manor Lodge with our Head, Mrs Lobo.  This is a great opportunity to give prospective parents a chance to see our wonderful school.

To book an appointment, please contact Mrs Graves via email at or call on 01707 642424 to arrange a tour.