Outdoor Learning


With our pupils’ health and well-being being paramount in all that we do at Manor Lodge, the Japanese Garden plays an important role in this area.  Here, lessons based on Mindfulness, positive Growth Mindset and PSHEE are held weekly and this ‘Space to Be’ Japanese Garden is an area that all children can use during break time should they wish to be reflective and meditative.  Created by the Manor Lodge parents and staff, the Japanese Garden is a focal point within the grounds of the school and there is the Sail Classroom that enables lessons to still take place during inclement weather.


At Manor Lodge, we have our own version of Forest School that takes place in the Woodland Garden and it runs alongside our Japanese Garden in promoting pupil well-being. We develop many social skills using team building exercises and our children learn independence and self-motivation through our Woodland Garden programme that runs in conjunction with our academic curriculum.  Our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children have all immersed themselves into the Woodland Garden experience and relish the opportunity to use this area throughout the year.


The Forest Garden has been developed for the Juniors.  As a progression from the Woodland Garden, it occupies a larger site and the landscape is more complex.  It has an outdoor Canopy Classroom that can be used throughout the year as well as an outdoor seating area that enables larger groups to gather.  Like the Woodland Garden, it is used to consolidate and build upon curriculum subjects as well as to learn more advanced bush craft skills.


Based on the Fibonacci growth spiral, the Reading Garden will be an area closely linked to the English and Library departments. Lessons, visits from authors, themed events etc. are just a few of the ways that this area will be used. It is also a place that children can go to read quietly during break time, away from the hustle and bustle of the playground

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