After School Clubs

Other Clubs and Activities
We encourage our pupils to enjoy themselves in times outside lessons. These are some of the clubs and activities children may take part in, for which no additional charges are made:-

Busy Fingers Club
is open to year 3 pupils only. The children gain experience of using a variety skills and techniques to make a variety of projects.

Board Games Club
gives the children an opportunity to participate with others in ‘good old fashioned’ board games and jig-saw puzzles.

Computer Club
allows the children to enhance their computer programming skills, completing projects that have been specifically designed for beginners or creating new programs of their own.

Hip Hop Club
This club gives children the chance to develop their sense of rhythm and expression in a fun environment.

Music Clubs
There are a number of musical activities that take place outside normal school hours (some by invitation only): String Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Band, Orchestra and choirs for Infants, juniors and Seniors.

Orchestra Club

Infant choir
is an after-school club for Year 2s who enjoy singing.  We do music games, fun warm-ups and singing challenges, along with learning how to control your voice effectively and improve singing ability.  We have a number of performance opportunities throughout the year and look forward to showing the songs we have learnt.

Netball & Hockey Club
gives pupils the opportunity to develop their social and team skills in a sporting environment. Team members represent the school at inter-school matches.

Reading Club
for keen readers in Years 4 & 5; an opportunity to share books and spend time in the Library.

Puzzle club
consists of online word searches, problem solving, putting together actual puzzles, Sudoku, hangman, dot to dot…..and anything ‘puzzling!’

Cooking Club
The children in Year 4 have the opportunity to learn to cook a range of sweet and savoury items from apple berry crumble to toad in the hole.

Craft club
offers a variety of activities in a creative and relaxing atmosphere. The children have been weaving mats and are now making cross stich book markers. We are looking forward to a variety of activities such as plate decorating, snow globes etc.

Craft Club .2 Craft Club.1

Code Club
is all about learning and having fun with programming computers. The children are able to choose which language they use from a selected few with some having projects to follow. The aim is to give children the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about how computers work, by giving them directed instructions.

DT Club
This term we are looking at how pop up cards are made and making a variety of different types of pop up cards.

DT Club.1 DT Club.2 DT Club.3 DT Club.4 DT Club.5 DT Club.6

Lego Club
we hold a creative competition each week. The children work collaboratively or independently to make detailed and exciting creations, for example a vehicle or animal.  The children love exploring and experimenting with our large selection of Lego .


Lego (7) Lego (6) Lego (5) Lego (4) Lego (3) Lego (2) Lego (1)


French Knitting Club

After only a few weeks of spooling in French knitting club, we are finally getting a nice tail of knitting out of the bottom of our Knitting Nancy (Mushroom !).

It seemed difficult at first but now we can think and talk about objects we can make with our knitting.

There are so many to choose from!

french-knitting3 french-knitting03 french-knitting2 french-knitting02 french-knitting1 french-knitting01



Creative Art Club
allows the students the opportunity to discuss, agree and plan a project that they can work on collectively to enhance the communal areas of the school. The club also builds on the skills that they have used during their weekly art lessons.

Poetry Club – Year 6
Year Six Poetry Club meets each week to simply write poetry. Those who attend share a deep love of poetry and have already had some experience of writing.  Each week we decide what the theme of the week will be – and then we write a poem, sharing our efforts at the end of the session.  Sometimes we suggest possible changes to improve the work, but usually we just voice our appreciation of what has been produced.  It is a relaxed but quiet half an hour intended for those who love to write poetry.

Football clubs
Pupils will get the opportunity to develop their social and team skills in a sporting environment using the skills learnt in there games lessons.

Skipping Club
This is an infant only club where pupils are taught basic skipping with a rope. Once skipping is mastered they learn new moves and get to do team skipping using the larger skipping rope.

Nature Watch
Pupils from the infants get to investigate the school grounds looking and recording what types of plants and animals they can find.

Construction Club
This is a very popular club where pupils get to make a range of different models using a wide range of building equipment e.g. building bricks and Lego.

Construction Club.2 Construction Club.3 Construction Club.4 Construction Club.5

Year 1 Maths & Puzzle Club
At Maths & Puzzle Club we challenge our problem-solving skills with a variety of games and puzzles designed to be played solo, in pairs or in groups.  We have some old favourites such as Spotty dog, Ladybirds and Number Chase as well as more modern games such as Matching Madness, Right Turn, Left Turn and Qwirkle.  These all help to develop concentration, visual perception, logic strategy, spatial awareness and tactics as well as being great fun, especially if you can beat the teacher!

During this club pupils will use the skills learnt during that week’s games lessons competitively in games situations.

Tag Rugby
In this club pupils are introduced to the game of rugby and the main rules involved to play it successfully. During the club the pupils will play a series of competitive matches  encouraging the pupils to run with the ball.

Year 1 Music Club
We do a lot of musical fun things at Music Club….we learn about intruments,how to play them & make our own!
We also learn lots of new songs & share our own instruments with the rest of our club members.

Yr 1 Music club2 Yr 1 Music club3 Yr 1 Music club4 Yr 1 Music club5 Yr 1 Music club6 Yr 1 Music club7 Yr 1 Music club8