Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

The most important reason for going to school is to learn. However, we know that there is more to school than just lessons, and we provide an extensive range of clubs and activities for the children to try.

We take all our children, in their year groups, to a wide range of places of interest and fun which are related to the topic work that they do.

We run an extensive range of clubs and activities within the school week for Years 1 to 6.

We also encourage our children to consider others less fortunate than themselves by raising money for charities.

Please find below, a list of all the wonderful Extra-Curricular Activities we have to offer here at Manor Lodge.  Please note that not all clubs are available every term.

Music Club:

We have a lot of fun in Music Club! The children learn about various instruments and we play these instruments together. In addition, they are encouraged to bring in any of their own to share with the rest of the club. We also learn songs, sometimes with movement. The favourite activity seems to be making their own instruments, which we eventually play together as an “Orchestra” to The Big Band Song!

Magic Club:

This is a beginners introduction to magic including basic card tricks, illusions and sleight of hand tricks. The children will practise a new trick every week and finish the term by showing their new skills to one another.

Infant Book Club:

A book club for children in Year 2. Each week we will share a different book followed by a fun activity related to the story.

Running Club:

This involves a morning run around the field, building up stamina to improve fitness and wellbeing.

Board Games Club:

Each week we will look at a new board game and play this together. Then children will have a range of games to choose from. Games will include Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Labyrinth and more!

Cooking Club:

In cooking club, the children prepare a range of different sweet and savory dishes including cheese flans, carrot cakes, apple berry crumble and sushi.


In Yoga, we follow a programme called ‘Mini Me Yoga’. We spend time working on breathing techniques and poses of varying difficulty each week. The main aim is to relax and be calm/still; which the children rarely do in their busy lives. Yoga is great for releasing feel good chemicals in the brain, which in turn makes for a happy child.

Nature Explorers:

We have fun getting out and about in our school environment. We will be discovering everything from seasonal changes to mini beasts and how we can use the natural materials around us.

Beat it!’

A Thursday break time club for those interested in playing drums of all kinds – Djembe, Samba, Orchestral Percussion etc.

Orchestra (invite only)

A great place to play with other instrumentalists to a high standard.

Jazz Band – (invite only)

A smaller group than Orchestra where we play different styles of Jazz.

Woodwind Ensemble – (invite only)

A selection of wind players get together in different combinations eg. Flute and Clarinet group/Saxophone group to play different styles of music.

Brass Ensemble – (invite only)

Brass players get together to play music in many different genres.

String Ensemble – (invite only)

String players come together to play a variety of music in 4 parts.

Scholarship class – (invite only)

Aimed at Year 5, this lunchtime club helps to prepare children for Music Scholarships for Senior schools.

Infant Choir – open to Year 2

We love to sing in as many parts as possible. We certainly have fun in this club – we even dance sometimes whilst we sing! 

Junior Choir – open to Years 3 & 4

We sing anything! We love to sing in rounds and in different parts from songs featured in films to serious songs.

Senior Choir – open to Years 5 & 6

We sing all styles, in rounds, in 4 parts, in unison…..we can sing anything!

Newspaper Club:

Every term the Inside Manor Lodge magazine is planned by gifted and talented English students, by invitation. The club interview organises and writes about the most noteworthy events of the MLS term. A love of writing is essential as well as the ability to edit work for the audience in a very short space of time.

Ball Skills Club:

Ball Skills Club will teach the children ball handling skills, as well as various passing techniques and footwork, as well as how to play as part of a team.

Cricket Club:

Each week will be spent practising different skills such as batting, fielding, throwing and catching, to improve our current technique.

Japanese Gardening Club:

Japanese gardening club gives children the opportunity to learn about the plants that are there, as well as maintaining the grounds so that the rest of the school can enjoy this area. We also practice mindfulness techniques as well as ensuring that the gravel is raked neatly and that the mats and stones are neatly stored away.

Forest/ Woodland Garden Club:

This involves clearing areas of fallen branches and twigs, rebuilding the path boundaries where necessary, sorting and stacking logs as well as creative activities that relate to these areas.

Lego Club:

Lego building is great for honing fine motor skills, improving self-esteem and enhancing communication skills. We will have some ‘free building’ themed sessions to work on our creative skills; some challenges (a drop test, bridge building, Amazing Mazes) which will need lateral thinking, problem solving skills and persistence; and some team building activities such as Musical Monsters!

Chatterbooks Club:

Thursday Lunch (either 12.30 – 1pm)
A reading club for children in Year 5. The group as a whole will be given a copy of a specific book to read in their own time, we will then have discussions and activities each week based on the book. A new book being read each half-term.

Beyond the Book Club:

A book club for children in Year 4 and 5. Each week we will do a different book related activity. In the past we have run quiz sessions, written book reviews and celebrated Harry Potter night to name a  few.

Origami Club:

ORI-means fold
KAMI-means paper
together they make the word ORIGAMI
Our challenge each week is to transform a flat square piece of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques which we will learn.

STEM Club:

The STEM Club will be exciting, investigative and will enhance children’s knowledge of STEM subjects through weekly fun activities. The children will be given the opportunity to direct their own learning, to test things out that they won’t have chance to do in class and in more depth and exploration (for example testing slime recipes and making things fly at speed!).

Science Club:

Science Club provides children with the chance to explore and investigate science through a different practical experiment or investigation each week. Activities include making butter, creating optical illusions, balloon rockets, hovering butterflies, snake charmers, crystals and many more!

Pyrography Club:

Pyrography is the art of decorating wood with burn marks – safety and making keyrings x2 weeks, making a Celtic letter x 2 weeks, designing and making a coaster x 2 weeks, designing and decorating a wooden spoon x 2 weeks, designing and making a mirror x 2 weeks, making a wooden bracelet x 2 weeks.

3D Mask Club:

3D Mask club – making 3D animal masks from card – www.wintercroft.com – introduction, creasing  and cutting card x2 weeks, folding (origami valley and mountain folds) and gluing x2 weeks, decorating by Découpage x2 weeks, making additional masks x6 weeks.

Calendar Club:

Year 1 and Year 4 will be running a calendar club. We will be looking at topical subjects each week/ month.  The club will be split according to the age group. Activities could include crafts, dance, drama and debates etc.  Each week we will look at current events and plan our activities accordingly. Our aim is to have fun while making the learning relevant. For example, the month of May, we will be looking at May Day celebrations and the Queen’s birthday.

French knitting or Trocotin (in French!):

It is a form of knitting that uses a spool (we use a mushroom shape one!) to make a long skinny rope, like a cord out of wool.  It’s not as hard as it seems. We learn the technique, and then we learn how to change colour and stitching to make brooches, bracelets, hair accessories, decorative letters.
Boys and girls welcome!

Green fingers:

We will be planting our favorite herbs, some vegetables and flowers in each of our three raised garden beds on the Infant playground.  We will learn how to read planting instructions on a seed packet, research which vegetable is best for our climate, time of year and what care they need.  We will grow as much as we can from seeds and harvest our products of course.

Art History:

During our art history club we will recreate painting, drawings and sculptures from different art periods of time. Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism to name but a few!

Film Club:

Using iPads, we will start to learn how to create our own movies.  We will create movie trailers using iMovie as well as experimenting with film-making techniques such as stop-motion animation, green screen and special effects.

Chargeable Activities


This is open to Years 2 to 6 with groups before, during and after school. Children with some or no knowledge of the game learn to play chess and participate in internal and external competitions.  There are more advanced groups for pupils with a good knowledge of the game.


We have our own very successful Ju-Jitsu club for children from Years 1 – 6 inclusive. The children are taught in a safe, friendly yet highly disciplined environment encouraging self-confidence, discipline and fitness.

The children work towards regular gradings, and are rewarded with their new belt at a presentation ceremony.


We have seven peripatetic music teachers offering tuition, either individually or in groups, in the following instruments:-

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, Saxophone, Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar and Percussion.

Children are entered for external examinations.


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