Requests for Absence

As far as possible all medical, dental and other appointments should be made out of school time, but we do accept that there are going to be occasions where this is simply not possible. If your child is due to have time off for any of the following reasons:

  • religious holiday
  • doctor’s appointment
  • dental appointment
  • physiotherapy session
  • music examination off site
  • educational psychologist appointment
  • optician appointment
  • participating in a cub/scout/brownies weekend camp which needs to leave early on a Friday afternoon
  • entrance examination at another school, school interview, educational visit
  • family funeral or illness

or has been absent due to illness, please log on to the portal and fill in the Leavers Request Form.  No other form of correspondence will be accepted.

For any other type of absence not listed on the portal, for example:

  • holidays in term time (which as you are aware is something the government and our own Governors are cracking down upon)
  • special family events
  • theatre/television work (which requires a licence from the appropriate authority)

a letter requesting time off must be sent to the Mrs Lobo, not the class teacher, providing as much notice as possible. Once you have received written acknowledgement, no other correspondence will be necessary as we will keep a record and inform the class teacher so it can be noted in the register.