Nursery in Hertfordshire


The Nursery is for 3 – 4 year old siblings of current pupils, and is based around morning and afternoon sessions. It is housed in a fully equipped separate building close to the main school with its own garden and safe play area. Opportunities to meet the other infants and staff are available during the term, so that integration into the main school is made easy.

The classrooms are bright, cheerful and always full of fun. Children are taught individually, in small and whole class groups. The class works on themes throughout the term, using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. These themes allow the children to learn by building on their own interests and their understanding of the world.

The Nursery teachers and assistants provide a programme of activities which offer variety and are flexible enough to be appropriate, developmentally, to each child’s age and maturity.  This modern, diverse programme includes use of our ‘Forest School’ for outdoor learning.


Nursery children in the year prior to Reception intake are invited to attend Nursery from September for a minimum of 3 full days (6 sessions), with the possibility of increasing to 5 full days before they enter Reception.  Please call the School Office check for availability.

Younger children can start at the start of term (September, January or April) of the term they will turn three for a minimum of 3 sessions (opting either for a morning or for an afternoon session, depending on availability).  They will then be expected to attend for 3 full days from the following September as explained above.

Learning at Nursery

The children will develop skills in communication and literacy, mathematics, art and craft, drama, music and physical education whilst their knowledge and awareness of the world around them develops too.

Activities are organised to allow the children choice, and the opportunity to work at their own pace. They are given time to explore and investigate, and are encouraged to set up and tidy up their own work projects – thereby teaching them to care for their own environment.

Pre-reading and pre-writing skills are introduced in our Nursery. All children enjoy every opportunity to discover a love of books through stories, poems, songs, rhymes and story-telling.

The Nursery is an integral part of the school and uses its facilities to the full. Above all, our main priority is to make the first years an enjoyable and productive start to school life.

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires us to carry out a progress check when your child is two years old. If your child starts at Manor Lodge Nursery at the age of two, we supply parents and carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the three prime learning and development areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language; when the child is aged between 24-36 months.

There is an expectation that all children will be dry before they start at Nursery.

Manor Lodge School
School Visits

We are delighted to be able to offer individual tours of Manor Lodge with our Head, Mrs Lobo.  This is a great opportunity to give prospective parents a chance to see our wonderful school.

To book an appointment, please contact Mrs Graves via email at or call on 01707 642424 to arrange a tour.