Japanese Garden

Benefits of Space To Be

The aim of the Manor Lodge Garden is to give the students, parents and staff an outdoor space where we can remain in the present and experience life through our senses. To allow us the opportunity to be meditative and tranquil.

Isabel: To me the Japanese Garden is a place where any bad thoughts go away and also it is a place where I can be calm and balanced.

Nitish: This calm place helps me to stop thinking about my anxieties. I like the plants and the trees. This garden helps me to concentrate and focus on my tasks. Breathing in makes me calm and peaceful and the sound of the wind goes into my ears. It is a nice place to go for peace and quiet.

Olivia: The Japanese Garden is great because it keeps you calm and relaxed and if you are stressed it helps you calm. down. You just need to sit down in the Japanese Garden and you unwind straight away.

Anahi: The Japanese Garden was an extraordinary idea. It is a serene and tranquil place where you can take your mind off worries and relax. It has a gushing, vivid blue waterfall, towering, green trees topped with green domes, luscious, fresh grass and exotic, colourful plants.

Sharad : The Japanese Garden means a lot to me. It is just like a majestic park. It is always quiet – relaxing, so when I feel like I need to have some time to myself the Japanese Garden is perfect. As for lessons, thoughts locked in my head can be unlocked and released. Problems can be dealt with easily. The garden has lots of meanings to it. I love its lush grass and the garden’s gravel. It makes it a relaxing place.