We have some wonderful resources in the Library and there are frequent events, visits by authors and illustrators, and book fairs so that everybody should have a wide choice of reading and research material.

Use the resources carefully, and ask Miss Murphy if you need help.

Junior Librarians

Year 5 students have the opportunity to help Miss Murphy in the library at break and lunchtimes. Junior Librarians help to collect the books returned and shelve them back in the library. They also help with other admin jobs such as labelling books as well as contributing towards displays within the library and helping to maintain the in school OPAC system.

Reading for Pleasure

Reading Lists

Information books – discover new worlds through reading

The importance of encouraging young readers to explore and experience the real world through reading is increasingly becoming recognised as a means by which children become engaged with learning.  There are wonderful information books which help children develop new interests and increase their vocabulary and general knowledge.  By extending the breadth of their reading experience, young readers become more confident both in their academic work and in their daily lives.

Manor Lodge take part in voting for the Information Book Award each year.  Information about the current shortlist and past winners can be found on the School Library Association website.

Library Activities

Adventure Reading Club

Book club meets on Wednesdays after school in Kirkland, currently students in Years 3 and 4 are eligible to join. To find out what we are getting up to in the Autumn term click here.

Book News

Book Events for Children

The Book Events for Children website aims to provide a reference point for all children’s book events around the country, whether they are live author events, exhibitions, storytelling sessions or theatre productions.

Upcoming Events at St Albans Museum

St Albans museum hosts Sunday Stories throughout the year, run jointly with the St Albans Children’s Book Group, of which the school is a member. For more information about what is going on, please visit the St Albans Museum website.

Other useful links:

Book Recycling

One suggestion for large quantities of children’s books and adult books is our nearest National Trust property, Shaw’s Corner at Ayot St Lawrence.  Shaw’s Corner was the home of George Bernard Shaw, and is one of the Trust’s smaller properties.  There is a small bookshop which is run by volunteers to raise funds, which needs donations. Please send your donations to Shaw’s corner, not to the School.

Oxfam bookshop in St Albans will accept any books or maps in good condition.  The address is:  Oxfam Bookshop, 8-10 Catherine Street, St Albans, AL3 5BX. Telephone:  01727 861589.