As Computing supports today’s modern lifestyle it is important that all pupils achieve the confidence and skill they need in this subject in order to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.  The use of ICT can also enhance and extend a child’s learning across the whole curriculum, such as good research techniques, whilst developing motivation and social skills. Your child’s experience of computers will begin as early as Nursery, where they can start to develop some of these skills.

Computing is taught as a specialist subject throughout the main school, from Reception to Year 6, covering all areas of the National Curriculum. As it is a constantly evolving subject, every effort is made to give the children the general grounding and basics of Computing, whilst also keeping them aware of the current methodologies and technologies available. This is especially true of the changes that are happening at the moment with the subject, where there is a push to teach more Computer Science awareness, allowing children to understand as much about HOW computers work as how to work computers.

We have 3 fully equipped IT suites, 2 of which have interactive whiteboards. The children are taught on individual computers by a specialist teacher, where both general ICT and Computing skills are learnt: from Word Processing and keyboard skills to the beginnings of Control and Programming. Two sets of laptops are also available to the teachers, with particular emphasis on Science and CDT and we also have a full class set of iPads with age appropriate apps installed.  Add to this the exposure in all form rooms of Interactive White Boards and other computers and you will find a comprehensive offering of ICT at Manor Lodge.

Computing Long Term Plan 2018-2019