In the Early Years, children learn about the world around them through a cross-curricular approach (Knowledge and understanding) which also includes History, Science and RE.

In the Infants, geographical knowledge, skills and understanding are taught through the study of two localities. When teaching infant children to have a sense of place, we intend to instil within each child a sense of their own belonging in the world, i.e. the world that they know – their family friends, school and other communities.

It is the teacher’s role to introduce the children firstly to their immediate environment at school – the school buildings and grounds. By doing this kind of fieldwork at an early age, children are introduced to geographical vocabulary and skills by first-hand experience. We then enhance this sense of place through the medium of a travelling bear and his travels to China, where we draw comparisons with the UK. In Year 2, children study a contrasting locality in greater detail focusing on the town of Tocuaro in Mexico.

In the Juniors, another contrasting locality is studied.  The chosen locality at present is Kenya; however comparisons are also made with other localities such as Flatford Mill, the Isle of Wight and tropical rainforests.

Geography Long Term Plan 2018-2019