Design & Technology

Design and Technology is taught throughout the school. In Reception, it is included in topic work. In Years 1 – 6 it is timetabled and taught as a separate subject, with classes split in half and rotated every term, except in Year 6, where both subjects are taught weekly.

The children are taught either by their class teachers or by a specialist teacher and they are given the opportunity to work as part of a group, in pairs or as individuals.

The subject provides hands-on experience where the real world can be investigated. The children work in a range of appropriate contexts (home, school, community, recreation, business, industry) using a wide variety of materials, including card, textiles, construction materials and food.

The subject provides links with many other areas of the curriculum, in particular Science, Mathematics, English, ICT, Music, Art and PSHE.

DT Long Term Plan 2018-2019