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Art and Design is taught throughout the school by the class teacher in Infant classes or a specialist teacher in the Junior classes. The children have the opportunity to explore a variety of different skills and these form the starting point for all projects.

Drawing, Painting, Collage, 3D, Textiles and Printing are all explored in depth using a wide range of mediums.  Art History plays a fundamental role in all assignments and forms an academic basis for this subject.

The children are encouraged to talk with confidence when discussing their work and that of the focus artist.  Creativity and imagination is fundamental and each child knows that they have the opportunity to make their own decisions and are encouraged to be self-critical when evaluating their work,

The use of display boards throughout the school helps to promote a feeling of pride in their Art work and is a source of inspiration to other year groups.

In the photos above, you can see a selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures produced in the Spring Term. The students have been studying the work of a wide variety of artists and art movements.

Art Long Term plan 2017 – 2018.docx