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Art and Design is taught throughout the school by the class teacher in Infant classes or a specialist teacher in the Junior classes. The children have the opportunity to explore a variety of different skills and these form the starting point for all projects.

Drawing, Painting, Collage, 3D, Textiles and Printing are all explored in depth using a wide range of mediums.  Art History plays a fundamental role in all assignments and forms an academic basis for this subject.

Art Long Term Plan 2018 – 2019

‘Artist of the Moment’

‘Artist of the moment’ is a new half-termly feature at Manor Lodge.  Every half term a new artist will be introduced to the students during their Form time registration. It will be one artist for the whole school, and may not necessarily link to the work they are doing in their art lessons. The objective is to expand our knowledge about artists; current and past, from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life.

The challenge to the students is to immerse themselves in the artist – produce a copy of their work, cretate a piece of work inspired by them, go and see their work in a gallery (snap a picture of this, we’d love to see it!) or for more current artists, go to a exhibition or a ‘meet and greet’!

Should the student embark on any of these challenges throughout the 7 week deadline, house points may be awarded by Miss Degavre for their commitment to broadening their artistic inspiration. This will all be collated to create informative and exciting displays for students to continue to learn from as well as inspire their classroom art work.

Sarah Graham is our ‘artist of the moment’ until January. There are some fantastic documentaries on YouTube on this hyper-realist artist, as well as an interactive and student-friendly website she designed herself.

Enjoy getting out and about and exploring the talent that is Graham!

Please click here to find a copy of the poster that will be introduced to students this week.