Assessment Day – Friday 18th October 2019

What happens on Reception Assessment Day?

We realise that this may be a stressful time for parents and children applying to join our Reception year, so we will invite you to bring your child to school in the October of the year before entry (e.g. Friday 18 October 2019 for entry in September 2020) and the School will be closed to existing pupils so that your child is not distracted or worried about the presence of older and larger children.

Whilst you are offered tea or coffee in the Hall, your child will be taken to one of the Reception classrooms, together with a small group of children of a similar age. We are very careful to ensure that these groups consist of children whose birthdays are no more than two months apart, so that development and maturity is relatively consistent.

These group sessions will last about 45 minutes, during which the children will be encouraged to talk about their understanding of the world, but we are really interested in how your child interacts with other members of the group, and how much social development has been made. At the end of the session your child will be brought back to the Hall, and you will be free to leave.

We will advise you of the results of the assessment within a week.

Please note that applications for Reception 2020 should be with the School Office before Friday 27th September 2019; we will be unable to accept applications after this date.