Manor Lodge Students

Community & Charity

Public Benefit

At Manor Lodge we educate around 430 pupils. If these children were to be educated in the State sector, the cost to the taxpayer would be in excess of £1.5 million each year based on the current capitation rate for primary children. In addition, of course, if these children were to be placed in the State sector there would not be space available to house them.


We recognise that the education we provide could be denied to children who could benefit substantially from it, simply because their parents may be unable to afford our fees.

For that reason we provide funds from our own resources to assist such families; these bursaries (which are awarded at the Governors’ discretion) are means-tested each year and are given to those children who meet the School’s entry requirements but who would not otherwise be able to afford to come to Manor Lodge or (if circumstances change) to stay at the School for the full term.

Use of our facilities

Many of our facilities are new, or are in the course of development, and we are more than happy to share them with the local community or other schools. We are happy for Partner Schools in the maintained sector to view our Curriculum policies.

We welcome all enquiries, which should be addressed either by mail or e-mail to the Bursar.


The children are encouraged to think of others less fortunate than themselves and each House organises a fundraising event during the year, the proceeds of which are donated to the school’s charity of the year.

The children also help in a practical way by making donations of goods for older people at Harvest Festival, toys for disadvantaged children at Christmas and gifts for old age homes.

Some of the charities we have supported in the past are:-

Local Care Homes and Charities – Harvest Festival and Christmas
RSPCA in Shenley
World Book Day
Comic Relief week

Our House Families have voted on the charity they wanted to support this year.  The chosen charity is Herts Young Homeless.  Throughout the year each House will be hosting a day to support Herts Young Homeless and hopefully will raise a significant amount of money to make a difference for them.