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My passion ‘that every child deserves a childhood’ underpins everything I believe in.  Children have a right to happiness and that can only happen if we embrace childhood and allow our children freedom to discover who they are rather than launching them on a predestined route to adulthood. As educators, we should walk hand in hand with our children on their journey though childhood, allowing them to take risks, experiment, make mistakes and to celebrate their uniqueness. As a primary school we must embrace this from the moment their education begins

I believe that the academic and pastoral curriculum work in harmony with each other. The academic curriculum is designed to inspire children, guide their inquisitive minds and equip them for the rigors needed for academic success. Then there is the pastoral curriculum whose very essence is at the very heart of what makes children who they are. The curriculum promotes creativity, a curiosity and wonder. It values independent thinking, where communication and collaboration underpin interactions and where resilience and well-being are encouraged and fostered. This is a curriculum modelled by everyone in the school environment who touch our children’s lives.

For me, it is important that we build an environment where children can flourish and learn to enjoy the moment they are in. Where well-being and happiness take centre stage and are not in the shadow of academic success. Both strands stand side by side and are of equal importance and both areas will determine the future life chances of every child who passes through Manor Lodge School, creating positive mind-sets and memories that will last a lifetime.

Manor Lodge School
School Visits

We are delighted to be able to offer individual tours of Manor Lodge with our Head, Mrs Lobo.  This is a great opportunity to give prospective parents a chance to see our wonderful school.

To book an appointment, please contact Mrs Graves via email at pa@manorlodgeschool.com or call on 01707 642424 to arrange a tour.