Our Staff

Mr G Dunn Cert Ed

Deputy Head:
Mrs A Lobo BEd(Hons)*

Director of Studies:
Mrs C Edwards BA(Hons) QTS*

Director of Individual Learning:
Mrs E Hartland BEd(Hons)***

Teaching Staff:
Mrs E Payne BSc PGCE**
Mrs J Shepherd BA(Hons) QTS**
Miss K Callaghan BA(Hons) QTS

Year 1:
Mrs A Cutts BEd(Hons)*
 Mrs M Johanson BA(Hons) QTS*
 Mrs J Roberts BEd (Hons) QTS

Year 2:
Mrs D Reed BA Ed(Hons)*
Ms F Anwar BA(Hons) QTS*
Mrs A Lobo BEd(Hons)* & Mrs H Soffe BA(Hons) PGCE*

Year 3:
Mr C Mason Sc(Hons) PGCE*
Mrs G Harper BEd(Hons) QTS*
Mrs Z Rizvi BSc(Hons) PGCE*

Year 4:
Mrs H Smith  BA Ed*
Mrs H Carter BSc(Hons) PGCE MSc*
Mrs K Dersookiasian BSc(Hons) QTS*

Year 5:
Mrs C Edwards BA(Hons)QTS*
Mrs G Charlesworth BA(Hons) QTS*
Mr M Steele BA(Hons) QTS*

Year 6:
Mrs T Cook BA(Hons) PGCE*
Mrs N Tailor BA (Hons) PGCE *
Mr C Coggan BSc(Hons) QTS*
Mr M Evans BSc PGCE*

Specialist Teachers:
Mrs L Barnett BA(Hons) PGCE* – Head of Art
Mr C Coggan BSc(Hons) QTS* – Head of CDT
Mr W Turpin BSc PGCE*  – Boys PE & Games
Mrs A Gudgin BSc(Hons) QTS* – Head of IT
Mrs R Johnston BA(Hons) MA MCLIP* – Librarian
Madame K Law BA(Hons) PGCE* – Head of French
Ms C Moore BA(Hons) PGCE** – Head of PE & Games
Ms K Tregenza MA Oxon PGCE FLCM*- Director of Music

Teaching Assistants:
Miss C L Allen NVQ3**
Mrs K Archer NVQ3*
Mrs J Ferber CACHE2***
Mrs C Dixon CACHE3*
Miss J Jones BSc*
Mrs S O’Sullivan Grad (Law)*
Ms A Preece*
Mrs J Ramsden NVQ3 STA HLTA**
Ms A Strachan CACHE3**
Mrs M Warshawsky NWQ3 STA**
Miss M Williams NNEB**

Gap Student:
Miss A Rose*

Mrs E Payne BSc PGCE** (Head of Early Years Foundation Stage)
Mrs L Swanson BA PGCE** Nursery Teacher
Mrs S Ward  BEd Early Years Teacher
Miss J Bunce  EDI Level 3** Nursery Practitioner
Mrs D Bryk NVQ3**
Mrs M Adams NVQ2**

Mr R Blight, BSc

Mr C Adlam – IT Manager
Mrs P Barden – School Secretary, Admissions Nursery & Reception***
Mrs L Beach – Receptionist*
Mr T Brown – IT Technician
Mrs A Graves – Headmaster’s PA, Admissions Years 1-6*
Mrs S Hedley – Assistant Bursar
Mrs P Connolly – Receptionist*
Miss N Thomas – Finance Assistant

Support Staff:
Mrs N Astell – Events**
Mr R Neal – Head Groundsman*
Mr E Sheehan – Assistant Groundsman*
Mr A Tofte – Assistant Caretaker*
Mr E Verde – Site Supervisor / Caretaker*

Lunchtime Assistants:
Mrs M Bell *
Mrs J Boyce*
Mrs J Clarke *
Mrs J Harte
Mrs S Hedges *
Mrs A Kilby *
Mrs N Newman *
Ms K Smith*
Mrs S Suen *



* Denotes Qualified in First Aid for Schools
** Denotes Qualified Paediatric First Aider
*** Denotes Qualified in First Aid at Work