Reception: 11th January 2019

Reception has been invaded by Witches and Wizards! Our first week back has been full to the brim of exciting learning. We have made broomsticks out of natural materials, concocted our own potions in a cauldron and made Witchy wands and hats. In literacy we have written our own magic word and a spell to turn people into all sorts of things! We also have written about what we think we might find in a witches pocket; frog, eyeball, fluff! Our maths this week was learning about More and Less. We used our focus story of Room on the Broom to help us add on one more character or make the broom one less character. Using Witchy fingers, we practised our letter formation in sparkly potion trays-it was quite tricky! Our water tray was full of slime and spiders, and on our creative area we made the monster from Room on the Broom. We used chunks of clay and then poured yucky mud all over it, adding sticks and extra bits to stick out! It was very messy fun. Outside we went on bug hunts for our cauldron and wrote our findings on a clipboard. This helped with our sounds and recognising which bugs they were.  We had a pretend fire and put our cauldron on top and added to it. It was full of exciting ingredients-some were a bit strange! Magnets magically moved some items on the table and attached themselves to objects in the classroom. The teachers used their spells to turn the children into frogs, but luckily we turned them back before home time!