Reception: 23rd November

Explore explore explore! So many explorers have been to the Arctic and Antarctic and braved the temperatures. What did they take with them? How cold was it? Did they survive? These are some of the facts we have been learning about and investigating. In  Literacy we wrote a list of equipment that Captain Scott may have taken with him. We have used our sounds to help us write our own explorers diary. For our numeracy we have been looking at More and Fewer. Are there more ice blocks or more gloves? How can we tell? What can we do to check? We used numicon, as icebergs, to balance our explorers on, and then count which was more or fewer. Outside and in the conservatory has been so busy too! We have made an explorers sledge and filled it with the equipment we will need for our journey. There has been an ice-hole for fishing and a challenge to see if we can make our own fishing pole. Captain Scott’s base camp, and work station for his experiments, have enabled us to stretch our imagination and see how we would feel, survive and work in the very cold environment.  It has been very thought provoking and lots of interesting questions have come up. After our full explorer week we made ourselves a Polar Arctic Medal, for recognition of our achievements.