Reception: 9th November

Welcome to Winter Wonderland. Our first week of our new topic has been full of exciting facts and sharing information about Polar Bears and all things chilly! Our role play area has turned into a snowy lodge and we have had tea at the top of a mountain, we had to dress in our snow clothes to keep us warm and snuggly.  The frozen ice blocks in the role play area have been used to make walls, towers and an igloo. Animals who live in the cold have been in the water tray, on a snowy sandy mountain and outside in the ice tray. Outside we made an igloo and wore the giant feet to try and walk in the snow. We have had some challenges this week too. Can we make our own snow shovel to scoop up the snowballs? How can we make a raft to get a Polar bear across the water so he doesn’t get too cold?  What is Ice? The challenges have made us think about the best materials to use and how we can overcome a problem. This week we have also celebrated Diwali and each class has made Peacocks for Good Luck and hung them in the hall way, and in the conservatory we used coloured sand to decorate Rangoli patterns.

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