Reception: 16th November

This week we have been Emperor Penguins! It has been very exciting to find out how tall a Penguin is and compare it to how tall we are. They are much taller then we imagined! Being in our winter wonderland has given us great opportunities to use Money. We have sorted and learnt which coins are which, and used our own pot of money to go and buy the items we need to fish in an Ice hole. In our conservatory we have our own MLS mountain lodge and Café. We have been making and buying drinks to keep us warm; Which coins to we need to use? Who would like a hot drink? How do we work the coffee machine? Team work, imagination and communication were all in abundance. Also in our conservatory was a challenge to be a penguin and look after our egg. We had to get from one end to the other without dropping our egg, catch a fish for food and slide on our tummies. Penguins have one partner and outside we made up our own unique call to get back to each other. We talked about how we would feel if we were the mummy or daddy, and used this to inspire our Literacy fact writing. Phew it is hard being an Emperor Penguin!