Reception: 12th October

Recycle and Reuse! This week we have been caring for the Sea. Our focus book has been a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. It has got us to think about how the Sea would look without all the plastic and rubbish in it, and how it effects the animals that live in the Sea. We have been using all the plastic that our children have brought in for so many activities. Bottles have been filled and we have made Jelly Fish to go in them, we have made a Plastic Island on the playground and the Recycling Depot Role Play area has been very busy. We have looked carefully at the signs and symbols that help us to recognise which items can be recycled. Our sounds are growing nicely and we are now using these to write simple sentences about caring for the Sea. Shapes has been exciting to explore; How many sides? What shape am I? Can you make a…? To give us a greater understanding of the Sea Creatures we have been learning about we used string to mark out how BIG the creatures actually are in real life, some of us were very surprised!