Reception: 5th October

Mr Seahorse has been a great story for our week. We have used the iPads to research Seahorses, then written our own factual sentences in our books. Did you know that the Daddy looks after the babies? To help our understanding of sea creatures we sorted which animals live in the sea or on land. Some were a little tricky as they could be both! Our art work has followed the layout of Mr Seahorse; a background piece using sea colours and our choice of equipment, a textured sea creature and finally a sea through piece for the sea creature to be camouflaged behind. It has been lovely to see the variety and creativity of the children. This week there seems to be three new members of the Reception team!! Each class is making their own Scarecrow and on Friday Mrs Lobo will be judging them. The theme is Under the Sea, so it will be exciting to see how they look!