Reception: 21st September

Reception 2018 has got off to a very fun Under the Sea start!  We have been exploring the numbers 1-5 and practising our letter formation, with a focus on getting our pencil grip correct! Some of our stories so far have been Commotion in the Ocean and Barry the Fish with Fingers. These have led to fantastic activities such as: making our own fish fingers, turning ourselves into Barry with his fingers, seeing what items float or sink and which items are lighter and heavier, painting our own Porthole and writing what we can see through them. We have learnt about a lot of very strange creatures which live Under the Sea, including a fish which really has fingers! Our role play area has a very Yellow Submarine, flippers, goggles and a periscope. The whole of Reception have settled in beautifully and are quickly getting to grips with lunchtime and the routines of a Manor Lodge Day, Well Done Reception 🙂