Reception: w/c 11th June

Our Caterpillars have arrived! We have all put our own caterpillar in a pot with its special food, so we can observe how it grows and changes. Some of us named them too! Our focus stories were What the ladybird heard and Pig in the Pond. These both led to some lovely writing with art work attached. Directions played a big part in our maths learning. We paired up and had to give our friend one or two step directions. It proved quite tricky to remember to use the correct words and not just point and say ‘that way!’ Everywhere you looked in reception there was; butterfly painting, butterfly book making, lifecycles, junk modelling insects, tadpoles in the pond, children pretending to be butterflies coming out of their cocoon and even a GIANT caterpillar in RC! The weather was very sunny for going to the Griffins lolly sale, they definitely cooled us down. It has been a lovely, immersed start to our last half term together in Reception.