Year 5: Flatford Visit May 2018

Mammal Trapping
Mammal trapping was fun as we got to set up and camouflage safe traps. Our group caught two mice. We put bait, water and hay in the trap. One mouse jumped out of the trap and ran. (we used apple, meat and grain as bait)
By Zac T

The Constable walk was a great opportunity to get a taste of John Constables walk to school everyday. It was a 5 mile walk from the Mill to his school and back. We walked through the village and saw some magnificent sites including Dedham Grammar School.
By Jake S and Aleczander S

The campfire at Flatford was an amazing bonding experience. We sang songs and played games, there was also some hot chocolate involved! We shared our own songs with each other and danced. It was great fun!
By Maya

Compass Orienteering
Compass Orienteering was really fun because we navigated around Flatford Mill and we got given questions to answer sometimes involving compasses. We all went in groups and completed the course.
By Isabel and Isabella.

     Pond Dipping

Shelter Building!
On Tuesday 8th May, year five went to Flatford Mill. One of our first activities was shelter building. We were in a team of five and had to build a shelter that could resist all the elements. We all had to gather large sticks and stand them up into a shelter using a tree as a rest for the twigs. We had an option to use a sheet to make it waterproof but you had to give away two points. When we were finished Mrs Edwards checked that it was sturdy then whilst we were sitting in it she THREW A BUCKET OF WATER OVER US !!!! we all got a bit wet but OUR TEAM WON!!!
All in all it was great fun!!!
By Saniya and Eloise

In Flatford Mill, Year 5 made shelters! They had to find natural resources from the forest and quickly put together their den.
Working together in teams they had to make their den waterproof, stylish and stable. They were also given points for our work. It was really fun.
By Piera