Reception: 7th May

Ducks and Babies! We have had such an exciting two weeks watching the ducklings hatch. Seeing them change and develop into inquisitive ducklings has prompted lots of great questions and observations. The ducklings helped us to write our own acrostic poem, non-fiction book and free writing about what we enjoyed. All of us got to hold the Ducklings- some of us were a bit nervous but it was fine! In the conservatory we made duckling feet out of clay which made a lovely display. The ducklings went everywhere and had fun outside in the water, which gave us the time to sketch them. Some of us turned into ducklings too!! In the garden we made our own nests out of the crates and bricks- we had to sit on our eggs to keep them warm. Numeracy with the ducklings was egg-citing (!) They made us think about more and fewer- How many have hatched? How many are still in their eggs? Our role play area was turned into an area to care for babies. We fed, changed and cared for them. All of us made a timeline of photos from home to show our growing families. It was lovely to see the variety of photos sent in, thank you very much. The photos from home added to our work on being a baby, being 5 and being older. All of us made ourselves look old by adding wrinkles and facial hair- we compared the stages of growing in our writing too. We are enjoying the different areas linked to our Growing topic-except when the children point out how old the Reception team are!