Reception: 23rd April

We are Growing! All around Reception there are growing and planting activities-even our Numicon were planted to help us to identify our teen numbers! We have worked hard on understanding what our teen numbers are made up of. For Literacy we wrote an ingredients list to help us make our own vegetable soup but gave the vegetables descriptive names which focused on size words-such as ‘one teeny carrot, two gigantic potatoes’. All of us made our own class soup and tasted it too! We voted to see how many people liked it or didn’t like it. Vegetables were used to paint with, mash up and make 3D versions of for our display boards. Our focus story was The Enormous Turnip which led to some great role play of the story and we also discovered a couple of similar versions too. Mrs Payne brought in tadpoles for our observation table, so we can watch them grow; seeds with magnifying glasses allowed us to look closely at them. Outside we have made a birdwatching area, with tick lists and posters to help us recognise the birds which live around the school area. In PE we have started to practice for our Sports Day; staying in the lane and looking straight ahead are some of the key skills we are focusing on.                    Next week The Duck Eggs arrive- it will be a fun learning Ducky week!