Reception: 19th March

This week our reception super powers have been put to use! Supertato was the inspiration for writing our own stories, making sure that they had a beginning, middle and ending. Did we catch Evil Pea or did he get away? To make sure our super brains were full of ideas, we made traps and set them in our classrooms. Outside we had Laser Beams and an Assault course to try and climb through! 3D shapes helped us to build our own Superhero making sure we knew the 3D shape names, and to push us a bit further we had to find everyday objects that were 3D shapes and make them into a pattern. Evil Pea was great for our fine motor skills as we tried to use tweezers to pick him up and put him in a secure pot! We also timed ourselves to see how many we could do in a set amount of time. The dressing up brought in from home extended our learning and meant could really get into character through the week! Some of us even flew through the air! The Numicon sets allowed us to draw a city scape for our Superheroes to live in but we had to make sure we knew which number the Numicon represented. In the conservatory we had to rescue the veges from the freezer and chip the ice away, we used some to print with too. Mrs Warshawsky once again provided us with fantastic activities in the Woodland Garden linked to our 3D shape knowledge, messy learning! Easter week has had a lot of activities, including an Easter Egg hunt, Easter Activity and an Egg competition. Our Summer term starts with Growing.