Reception: 12th March

Royalty was everywhere! Prince and Princess week has engaged us in so many areas and prompted lots of great work. We used clocks from Cinderella’s ball to help us draw our own clock and learn about o’clock. We discussed times that are relevant to us such as bedtime, lunchtime, midday and afternoon. We also thought about how many actions we could do in a certain time and why it would change if the action were bigger. We continued the story of Beauty and the Beast and let our imaginations decide what happened next in the story? Did they go on holiday or buy a house together? Outside we still had the stage to perform on, which also doubled up as a large table for our Banquet. We made our own crowns to wear and if anyone misbehaved we put them in our jail! The water tray was filled with ‘Buddha’s’ and surrounded by a quiet thinking area to continue our celebrations for Wesak. PE has challenged us with an obstacle course-we had to use to get from one end of the hall to the other without touching the floor! Our balances and ways to travel were incorporated into the course. The finale of our week was a wonderful ball which we all brought costumes in from home to wear. We had a catwalk to show off our costumes and a group dance. To end our ball we had partner dancing and had to show everyone how great our dancing was, there were lots of twirls and curtsies. It has been another full learning week and next week we are Superheroes 🙂