Nursery: 12th March

It was super to see the children so engaged and in character in our Veterinary Surgery this week. Taking on the roles of Vet, Nurse, Receptionist and concerned pet owner brilliantly! In Literacy, we made sure our pets had collars with their names on. The children also wrote their own names and telephone numbers. If lost they should all find their way home safely. We made mats for cats. Weaving is trickier than it looks! However, the children persevered and did extremely well. I am afraid we did have some flea-ridden dogs in Nursery this week. Removing the fleas and then counting them solved the problem. We were also thinking about how we could help the birds in the Nursery Garden. I am sure they will enjoy their Cheerio Bird Feeders! The children have also been having fun performing on the stage in the Nursery Garden. What a musical bunch we have! We had a lovely visit from Louise and Bess the dog from the RSPCA on Thursday. We learnt a lot about the wonderful work they do at Southridge. Next month they are expecting many kittens to be born and the Nursery children have been tasked with naming them all!