Reception: 5th March

This week has been very strange! Is it The three little pigs and the big bad wolf, or The three little wolves and the big bad pig! Is it Cinderella or Cendrillon? Does Rapunzel need to wash her hair or let in down? As you can imagine the Alternative fairy tale week has prompted lots of great questions about our stories and allowed us to think about the stories differently. We wrote our own fairy tales and thought really hard about story beginnings, settings, good and bad characters and endings. In numeracy we focused on estimating and word problems. How many cubes will it take to cover the three bears house? What would happen if the cubes were bigger? Our imagination was stretched to complete our word problems, as we had to listen very carefully about what the object was and how many of it there were and record the answers. We had a stage area inside and out, the children loved putting on a show for us and dressing up as their favourite characters. The shows were fantastic and really showed how the children have understood the week. We have also been learning about Buddhism and especially Wesak. We took some time to think about our breathing and being calm. In the water trays we made our own Lotus flowers, which opened up to show all their petals. They were so pretty to see. It has been a imagination inspiring week.