Reception: 26th February

A Snowy Pirate week!
Reception pirates love to hunt for treasure which assisted our outdoor maths.  We island hopped and walked the plank to see how many Pirates we had to add on or take away. This led to some great language from the children-trying to use as many maths words to describe what they had done.  We have had some lovely stories this week.  They gave us some exciting ideas for writing our own message in a bottle and to decide what we would say if we were a Pirate! Inside and out.  The Pirates were everywhere-even Mrs. Lobo was caught and had to walk the plank!  Outside we made a Pirate Ship to sail the seas and of course, we had to make treasure maps and telescopes to find our way.  The conservatory was one giant Pirate Ship with message writing, treasure hunting, telescope making, eye patch wearing and shanty singing!  The Snow arrived but it didn’t stop our Pirate learning-it just added to the fun!  A fully immersed week of Pirate Adventuring was had by all!