Reception: 19th February

Our new theme is Travelling to the Land of Make Believe, and this week we have been Witches and Wizards. We used objects such as spiders and frogs to help us work out which side of our broomstick had more or fewer objects and counted one more or one less for our ingredients for our spells. In literacy we wrote about a Witches Pocket and what she may have in it. Some of us wrote spells in a Giant Spell book, making sure we focused on our letters and diagraphs being correct. Potions and spells were everywhere inside and out!  We used straws to make our potions bubble up as high as we could make them! The conservatory had a potion making table which involved a lot of pouring and mixing; we also role played the story of Room on the Broom as we read the book. Outside we had a challenge to look for Natural magic such as Spider webs and Dragons breath-they were quite tricky to find. Our task was to try and make our own Spider Web out of a hoop and wool or ribbon. Lots of dressing up was brought in from home and was used with our own to wear in the role play area. Lots of Witches were seen flying around on their broomsticks outside and casting spells on people with their wands they had made. Magnets made great magic wands- was it Magic or the Magnet making things move?? Our week has been full of exciting learning-next week Pirates Yo Ho Ho.