Reception: 29th January

This week we have been ‘over’ and ‘under’. Some fantastic bridges are all over the world and we focused our maths work on a few of them. The Great Wall of China helped us with length and The Tunnel Log in California helped us with height. We compared lengths and height and used as much mathematical language as we could. We used pictures of beautiful tunnels to assist us in writing a postcard to our family describing what we could see, hear and smell. So much construction has happened this week ,inside and out- what do we need to make a strong bridge? How tall does the tunnel need to be? Where does the bridge/tunnel go to? After looking at The Great Wall of China we discussed the Chinese New Year and made lanterns, Chinese Ink Art work and found out which animal year we were born in. Our junk modelling came in use to make Chinese Dragons, again helping us with our maths language. We learnt about Geoff Mackley and wrote our own list for what he would need to take on one of his adventures. Some lovely stories again this week to fire up our imaginations for the week, team work and discussions have been wonderful. Next week we are going ‘Through’- The Amazon.