Reception: 22nd January

Continuing our Space theme, focusing on The Moon, we have tried to use our teen numbers to help us get to ‘the moon’ in steps. We used cubes with a set tower of 10 and had to add on the correct number to go up to the moon. We started to think about how else we could represent 10 using other resources, so only we would know that it was showing ten! The Moon has led to some lovely stories, which have helped us to make our own planet. We used descriptive language to help us show the interesting parts, we had all sorts of planets such as Volcano planet and Donut planet! Outside we made our own colourful planet, and Oh Dear! Some of us caught an Alien Bug which started to turn parts of us silver! We used Goo to make Alien food, planets and rockets were everywhere. A challenge was set to make our own stars out of 2D shapes, focusing on using the right language as we were doing it. Another full and busy week in which we have had so much learning, next we are going Over and Under.