Reception: 15th January

Space! We turned our conservatory into Mission control, and had a Space hatch to climb through into our Space Shuttle. In mission control we had to write the plan for the space shuttle and contact important people to help with the mission. We had to try and write upside down in the Shuttle-it was quite tricky! We made up our own space story and used some lovely stories for our inspiration such as Aliens Love Underpants. Aliens came in handy for our maths work as we needed to work out equal and non-equal groups. We had space junk which we sorted out too! We had to sort some space rocks and pretend we were Tim Peake or Felix Baumgartner-how would we feel going to Space? Outside we had lots of Space Goo! It was great to feel the different textures and see how it changed when we touched it. The bikes became our Luna Buggies and our Wellies became Moon Boots, this fitted in nicely with our home made space shuttle! We have learnt so much about Space and next week we will explore The Moon and Planets.