Reception: 8th January

After a lovely Christmas break, we are full steam into learning about the world around us and ‘Globetrotting’ to different places. First off we learnt all about the history of Manor Lodge and looked at archived photos of the school when it first opened. We have been looking at the badges linked to Manor Lodge and Hertfordshire and made our own class badge with everything on it that represents us! Outside we made our own Manor Lodge and thought carefully about the important jobs that everyone does inside and out. We took on the roles of groundsman, car parking attendants and kitchen staff. Inside the conservatory we made Mr. Dunns office and tried to think of all the jobs he does- we even had our own gold book to write in and a telephone to answer for late and absent children. We carefully looked at the photographs of past heads and how they had posed for their very important picture. We had our own ‘Head Posing Photos’ taken and wrote about what we would get the children to do if we were Head for a day. After looking at the Flashman building, we named a room after ourselves, some of them were very funny! London is a very important part of the United Kingdom, so we used the story of Paddington Bear goes to London to help us write what would happen if we were Paddington going to London – lots of marmalade sandwiches were eaten! Some of us made Union Jack flags and wrote words on them that are linked to London. We are focusing on getting all our numbers the correct way round and learning how it is best to count an irregular group of objects. Outside we had hoops with lots of stones and gems in and within our group we had to work out how to count them but we weren’t allowed to move them! Hmmm……this was a bit of a tricky challenge but we used resources around us and were able to show how we had completed the task correctly. It has been a great week learning about our surroundings and places near to us. Next week we go ‘High’ up into Space.