Reception: 27th November

What a busy week reception have had! Our focus story has been Stickman which has led to so many fun fantastic activities. We added and took away arms and legs to help us understand part- part- whole for our maths work, poor Stickman! Outside we used chalk and the large bricks to show our part-part-whole working out, and wrote our numbers beautifully. Stickman has great adventures, so we ordered the days of the week and then wrote our own exciting adventure for him. He has appeared on our Christmas Tree, as the Fairy, after we made our own Stickman in the conservatory. We collected twigs and tied them together then added googly eyes, they looked great! We have continued our learning on Hibernation and Migration, around the whole of reception there are Animals flying away or coming to Manor Lodge for the Winter. To help our Manor Lodge hedgehogs settle for the winter we made a Hibernaculum. We used leaves, mud, pots and tubes of different sizes. The hedgehogs can clamber inside the tubes and then stay nice and warm whilst they hibernate. For our positional language we made the BeeBots into hedgehogs and programmed them to get to a certain point. They had to head into leaf and stick piles as if they were hibernating. Nativity and Christmas are well under way so next week is going to be so Christmassy!