Reception: 13th November

This week we have been learning about Inuits and the Northern Lights. We all had a go at recreating our own Northern Lights picture using a variety of media and they came out beautifully. We worked as a team and made a giant version, which is displayed in our conservatory. We even had a light globe in our den to make the ceiling look like the northern lights too! After learning about Captain Scott and his expeditions, we made base camp outside, with a fire and ice hole to catch our fish in for tea. Captain Scott needed a list to help him remember what to take, so to enhance our writing, we wrote our own lists and dressed up in things he needed to take. Fishing in the Ice Holes helped us with our number ordering, finding a missing number and addition and subtraction sums. It made us think about why it was easier to put the larger number first. A few of us wanted to recreate our ice experiment that we did last week inside, outside, to see if the results were any different. Would the cold make any difference to the result? One of our focus stories was Betty and the Yeti which lead to some great rhyming activities. Outside we made up a game of Yeti racing with the large feet walkers, it was such a good game that encouraged team work and concentration-there were some scary faced Yeti’s racing! Another very busy week of learning.