Reception: 6th November

This week we have learnt all about Emperor Penguins, Captain Scott and using non-standard measures. We role-played how a mummy and daddy penguin look after an egg between them. We discovered it is not very easy to transfer an egg using only our feet! Outside we split into two groups, some of us were scientists and the rest were penguins. Between us we had to make up our own call and then get back to our penguin partner without looking! The scientists had to record how many penguins made it back to their partner. It was great for our listening skills. We made our own Sledge just like Captain Scott and learnt about his journey and wrote lists of what he would need to take with him. Our giant fishing game came in use for our recognition and ordering of numbers. Polar Bear, Husky and our own foot prints were used to measure all sorts of objects and we then compared to see the difference. Even though it was very chilly outside, we had ice and shaving foam in the water tray, it helped us to further our language and describe how it all felt. The conservatory had Huskies, sledges, ice experiments, fishing, finding arctic animals and painting penguins! It has been a busy learning week.