BAPS Shri Mandir Temple, Neasden

On Thursday 2nd November, year 5 went on a school trip to the Mandir Temple in Neasden.  There were plenty of interesting artifacts and I learnt many things that I haven’t learnt before, such as this is the fastest temple ever to be built.   Yannick B   5S

I really enjoyed the Mandir trip because I found the exhibition very fascinating learning about their religion.  I learnt that the Neasden temple is the biggest temple in England.  Zachary W   5C


On Thursday 2nd November we went on an interesting school to the Mandir Temple in Neasden. We had to take our shoes off to be respectful when we entered.  One interesting fact that I learnt was that the whole temple was made out of 26,000 marble and limestone bricks from Bulgaria and Italy.  Luca  R   5S


On Thursday last week we went to the Neasden Temple.  I really enjoyed learning about the temple’s history.  I also liked watching the Arti Ceremony and walking round the Mandir.  Shaina S  5C