On Saturday 7th October, Manor Lodge A and B netball teams took part in the North London Collegiate School Netball Tournament.

For the first round of matches, both teams were placed in different groups and played five matches. The B team had a particularly tough draw and had to play two A teams. Unfortunately, they finished in 6th place. However, they displayed an excellent attitude throughout and were very determined.

They were placed in Group E and the results were as followed; vs South Hampstead (B) 1-2, vs NLCS (B) 1-1, vs Village 0-0, vs Queens College 3-0, vs Queens College 6-0. This resulted in them, finishing 3rd in their group.

The A team played brilliantly in the first round of matches and won all five matches to finish top of the group.

They were then placed in the top group and the results were as followed; vs Bute House 0-6, vs Stormont 1-0, vs St Augustine’s 3-4 and vs Old Vicarage 2-2. They finished 3rd out of 29 teams, which is a fantastic result.

Congratulations to everyone that took part.

Miss Moore