Reception: 30th October

Winter Wonderland! This week we have been discussing all about Winter Wonderland and feeling very cold! Our focus story was Big Bear Little Bear and we used this to help us learn about height. We measured each other and found out the actual size of a real Polar Bear. We used Polar Bear foot prints to order numbers and made up a game, using a dice, to move a Polar Bear along each step until one of us won the game. We turned our role play into a Polar Bear Den by using materials we had chosen ourselves. Outside in the conservatory we used paint to create our own paw print. We then painted our own hand and placed it on top to compare the difference in size-we got quite messy! We had Ice everywhere! The water tray inside turned into Antarctica, and had lots of sea creatures who love the cold water. In the water tray outside we had Icebergs and felt how cold they were with our hands, we then described how it felt. Eventually they all melted but our water was freezing cold! We have learnt about how Snowflakes are formed and made ourselves into a giant Snow Flake! It was fascinating and generated lots of interesting questions! A very busy chilly week