Reception: 19th June

This week in reception we have been thinking about plants and animals that may use or live around a pond. In Literacy we read Down by the Cool of the Pool and wrote our own sentences to describe how the pond animals move and make noises. We went to the Manor Lodge Pond House to read our sentences altogether, like a poem, to the ducks! In maths we used our problem solving skills to answer tricky word questions. On Wednesday we had a wonderful Teddy Bears Picnic with Nursery. A scrumptious lunch box was had by each child thanks to Laila and her team in the kitchen. It was really great weather too! Outdoors we had fun making a caterpillar obstacle course to ride through on our bikes. We had a challenge to build our own pond and have no leaks! Our Caterpillars have hatched and the Butterflies are fluttering and drinking from the fruit we have placed inside their net houses. We have had lots of pretend butterflies and caterpillars to explore and some of us made ourselves into caterpillars with BIG bug eyes! Friday was our Infant sports day and we all enjoyed sharing this with our families, thanks for coming. Such a busy week of fun learning once again.