Reception: 12th June

To start off our new topic we all visited the Pond House and explored what we could see and hear. We saw so many signs of New Life. We brought Pond Water back with us to see what we could identify with our magnifying glasses. To help us understand that everybody has different views and opinions, we looked at the story The Blind Men and the Elephant. We paired up and had to blindfold our partner and guide them to a tree. After feeling the tree we walked away, took off the blindfold and saw if our partner could identify which tree they had felt. We hopped backwards and forwards on the large number line, used a symmetrical butterfly to help us make sure we understand the link between halving and doubling and used positional language for how far our pond life could move. We all wrote a non-fiction book page about our own made up pond creature, some had very funny names and qualities! The conservatory suddenly had a large pond and beaver lodge in it and was even connected by a flowing river! Outside there were mini ponds and bug hotels everywhere, to encourage Manor Lodge wildlife to flourish around us. There have been so many lovely stories to share and learn from this week. A great learning busy week was had by all. Next week Infant Sports Day and Teddy Bears Picnic.