Reception: 22nd May

Our Growing theme has been great! We have learnt how to care for and take pride in our plants. Using our lovely herb garden we used many different herbs to help our child initiated play-we smelt, painted, felt and played with them in the water. We also made our own perfume using scented oils and pipettes. We have been practising for our Sports Day in PE and are enjoying the different races. We have been investigating what creepy-crawlies we could find in the garden and some of us had bugs on our clothes! In our maths we have been focusing on two digit numbers and used a variety of resources to help us. We also used a number line or 100 square to master subtraction and adding on. In literacy we read The Tiny Seed and used this as a springboard for writing our own version of The Enormous Turnip, and making words that are BIG in meaning. The foam letters were great in the water for making our own words, they kept floating away! As part of our extended thinking, we thought about how far a Dandelion Fairy would travel once it had been blown? What countries would it fly past? Where would be good for it to fly to and carry on living? As our last few days at school before half term were very hot, we had the hose out for water play and a bubble machine to watch the bubbles float away. We celebrated Manor Lodges 25th Anniversary with a whole school picnic outside on the back field. We had music to dance to, bubbles to chase and our own picnic bag to munch through. Mr Dunn cut a BIG cake whilst we all sang Happy Birthday. It was a very special time for us all to share.

Our next half terms theme is By the Pond.