Reception: 8th May

This week we have carried on our topic of growing and having lots of fun with the chicks. The chicks have been in the garden and we used them as a focus for our painting. Some of them tried to escape! We had pretend chick races in the conservatory and our friends commented for us! We decided to see how it felt to be a chick coming out of an egg, so we used a large box and climbed inside to hatch out of it. We had previously weighed the chicks and compared their weight to this week and saw how much they had grown. We tried to use the chicks to help us count accurately but it was quite difficult when they kept moving! On Thursday we had our school trip to College Lake in Tring. The weather was great and we learnt all about caring for our teddies in the environment and used our senses to explore the world around us. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable day and behaved so well. Friday saw the turn of RP to go to the Woodland Garden and Mrs Warshawsky had planned for us to play memory games and use the mud to help with our number formation. Messy and learning all in one go! Such a busy week for all of us.